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Jan 9, 2015

Statement opposing legislation jamming through the Keystone XL Pipeline

Rep. Karen Bass released the following statement after voting against legislation that would force the approval of the Keystone XL Pipeline.

Apr 25, 2014

Statement on EPA Consent Order about AllenCo's South LA Site

Congresswoman Karen Bass issued the statement below regarding the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) consent order requiring AllenCo Energy Inc. to make improvements at its oil and gas pumping facility in University Park.

Feb 28, 2014

Statement at the Electrify Africa Markup

More than half of the people of in Sub-Saharan Africa do not have access to electricity. The Electrify Africa Act of 2013 aims to address this problem by bringing electricity access to millions of Africans.

Feb 10, 2014

West Adams neighbors seek to oust oil production

Residents in the historic West Adams neighborhood are taking a stand against an unwanted new neighbor which set up drilling operations there last year.

Jan 15, 2014

Rep. Karen Bass issues statement on EPA finding Los Angeles AllenCo facility is violating federal law

Rep. Karen Bass released the following statement on the Environmental Protection Agency finding that the South Los Angeles AllenCo site is violating federal law.

Oct 16, 2013

Los Angeles Wave: Rep. Karen Bass calls for immediate investigation into urban oil drilling site

Rep. Karen Bass has called for an immediate investigation into claims that an urban oil drilling site has caused such harmful air quality that local residents have suffered respiratory ailments, such as asthma, spontaneous nose bleeds, intense headaches and nausea.

Oct 15, 2013

Statement on Recent Reports of Illness Due to Oil Drilling in South Los Angeles

Congressmember Karen Bass released this statement in reaction to recent reports of illness linked to oil drilling in the University Park neighborhood of South Los Angeles.

Jul 30, 2013

Politico: Obama’s no-Congress strategy

President Barack Obama is planning to bypass congressional Republicans with a surge of executive actions and orders on issues like voting rights, health care, job creation, the economy, climate change and immigration.

Jul 11, 2013

Culver City Patch: House Votes Down Bass’s Legislation Banning Use of Federal Funds For Fracking At Inglewood Oil Field

Rep. Karen Bass introduced legislation following concerns about the environmental effects of fracking at the field near Culver City.

Jul 10, 2013

Rep. Bass Introduces Legislation Banning Use of Federal Funds For Fracking At Inglewood Oil Field

Congresswoman Karen Bass offered an amendment to the Energy and Water Development Appropriations Bill for Fiscal Year 2014 (H.R. 2609) that called for no federal funds to be used to implement, administer or enforce fracking in the Inglewood Oil Field for the coming fiscal year.