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Rep. Bass Rejoins Quiet Skies Caucus in 115th Congress

February 2, 2017
In The News

“I remain deeply concerned about the health effects of airplane noise and emissions due to the Southern California Metroplex project. I have been a member of the bipartisan Quiet Skies Caucus since 2013, and I have re-joined the caucus in the 115th Congress.  I look forward to working with caucus members and my constituents to address these important issues as soon as possible. 

“Since the announcement of the Southern California Metroplex project in June of 2015, I and my staff have been working hard to make sure that the FAA takes into account the concerns of my constituents. 

“For two years now, I have heard frequent complaints about airplane noise, and increasing worries about possible health effects from particulates and other pollutants in jet emissions.  Congress directed the FAA to implement the massive NextGen project in order to update the safety of air traffic across the nation by using satellite and GPS technology instead of old,  radar-based systems put in place half a century ago.  That project, however, should also include consideration of the effect those changes will have on people living in the flight paths, and it should make sure that more efficiency for airlines and the flying public does not mean more misery for those living on the ground.”