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Congresswoman Karen Bass

Representing the 37th District of California

Voice of America: US Congresswoman to Meet African Political, Business Leaders

August 5, 2014
In The News

An adviser to U.S. House of Representative Karen Bass says the congresswoman will host African leaders and American business officials for the Growth and Opportunity in Africa forum on Tuesday as part of the ongoing U.S-Africa summit.

Dan Roth said the meeting will discuss the future of U.S.-Africa economic relations, the importance of engaging young Africans under 35 years old, and the upcoming discussion in Congress to renew the Africa Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA).

AGOA is set to expire next year, but the U.S. Congress plans to begin discussions on the possible re-authorization of the trade agreement. Roth says Tuesday’s meeting will help gather suggestions from African leaders that could help improve AGOA.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for us to really have a great dialogue of what is working under the [AGOA] agreement and how the agreement can be better,” said Roth. “We want to get from people, from Africa really, what they have learned from the ground so we can build on that -- so when we go to re-authorize AGOA that it’s stronger and is actually working better for the continent of Africa and for the United States.”

He said the discussion also aims at helping to deepen business relations between Africa’s highest economic leaders and American businesses.

“She is hosting three panels with leaders from Africa’s highest economic leaders to talk with Americans about how we will forge and strengthen that bond between the United States and Africa,” said Roth.

“We have increased trade between the United States and Africa …and we really want to grow on that and have an open and honest discussion about how we can do that to really levy up the importance of the countries of the African continent for the United States,” he continued.

This article was originally published by Voice of America.