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Congresswoman Karen Bass

Representing the 37th District of California

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March 17, 2017 Press Release

"PAs across the nation are providing high quality healthcare to patients in both our largest cities and in America's most rural areas," said Rep. Bass. "In the next decade the demand for PAs is only going to increase and Congress needs to act today to make sure that we have the qualified health care professionals ready to meet the growing need."

March 16, 2017 Press Release

“The President’s budget blueprint has forgotten Americans, making cuts to lifesaving programs by taking away investments in foreign aid, housing, and environmental protections. Draconian cuts of $11 billion at the State Department and the elimination of the US Trade and Development Agency will make us less safe by diminishing our international diplomatic leadership.

March 16, 2017 Press Release

The Members wrote, “Our diplomats settle disputes so that they do not have to be settled with bombs and bullets. And our development initiatives help countries lift themselves up, because areas mired in poverty often become hotbeds for instability and violence. The men and women in our armed services bravely put their lives on the line to protect our country.

March 16, 2017 Press Release

“The Trump administration’s dangerous disregard for environmental science is now becoming harmful to the economy,” Rep. Bass. “Fuel efficient vehicles help drivers with low costs at the gas pump and emit fewer harmful emissions.

March 13, 2017 Press Release

“The Congressional Budget Office report confirms what Democrats have been saying for the past week; the repeal plan is bad for America,” Rep. Bass said. “24 million Americans will lose their health coverage – including 14 million in 2018 alone and the answer is what – that this is only part one or three?

March 13, 2017 Press Release

Recent reports suggest the Trump Administration has considered eliminating the Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism at the U.S. State Department for Fiscal Year 2018, along with other critical diplomatic staff devoted to climate change and outreach to Muslim communities.

March 12, 2017 Press Release

"Congratulations to the proud people of the Republic of Mauritius on 49 years of independence.  An island nation, Mauritius became independent on March 12, 1968 and is a member of the Commonwealth.  I take this opportunity to wish continued success to the Mauritian people."

March 10, 2017 Press Release

“Marvin Gaye’s music has transcended generations and gave 70s and 80s a sound," said Rep. Bass. "I’m proud to have introduced this resolution honoring Marvin Gaye and the defining mark he left on not only the greater Los Angeles area, but the country.”

March 10, 2017 Press Release

The outbreak of violence in South Sudan, broader insecurity throughout the country and severe economic decline have worsened an already dire humanitarian crisis in South Sudan.

March 9, 2017 Press Release

“Our child welfare system is designed to protect children from abusive and neglectful parents. The system should never be used as a deterrent or a punishment for anyone, whether they are Americans or not,” said Rep. Bass.


In The News

January 15, 2014 In The News
A bill would allow projects such as the Crenshaw light-rail line to give hiring preference to area workers. It's a good idea.
December 9, 2013 In The News
Rep. Maxine Waters and Rep. Karen Bass are among two dozen U.S. representatives to attend a memorial service in South Africa today for former President Nelson Mandela. Both were active in the anti-apartheid movement here at home.
December 6, 2013 In The News
The death of former South African President Nelson Mandela brought swift and heartfelt reaction from members of Congress, many of whom had personally interacted with the anti-apartheid leader, and others who were inspired in their own public service by his life from afar.
November 26, 2013 In The News
The rationale has been that all Americans should have access to jobs created with national funding, but the policy fails to take into account that most of the funding for most projects these days is raised locally.
November 19, 2013 In The News
Rep. Karen Bass discussed the problems and the various legislative and administrative fixes to the Affordable Care Act that have been suggested.
October 17, 2013 In The News
President Obama and lawmakers say the shutdown was both harmful and unnecessary.
October 16, 2013 In The News
Rep. Bass says GOP has some soul searching to do over shutdown.
October 16, 2013 In The News
Rep. Karen Bass has called for an immediate investigation into claims that an urban oil drilling site has caused such harmful air quality that local residents have suffered respiratory ailments, such as asthma, spontaneous nose bleeds, intense headaches and nausea.
October 14, 2013 In The News
Rep. Karen Bass announced that she signed a petition to reopen the government. This special congressional procedure allows a majority of members to bypass Speaker Boehner and force an up or down vote on a bill to reopen the government.
September 10, 2013 In The News
Bass is encouraged by the Russian proposal, saying there's "a door that's opening, and frankly I think we should drive a truck right through that door."