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January 27, 2020 Press Release

In their letter, the Members wrote, “Congress’s 2014 enactment of the DCRA aimed to address the paucity of reliable data on instances where a detained individual died in a state or local custody.  Notably, the Act required, at the discretion of the Attorney General, up to a 10% drawdown penalty, if a state fails to submit the required data.  To date, the Department has not adopted uniform proce

January 24, 2020 Press Release

January 24, 2020

President Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20500

Dear Mr. President:

January 15, 2020 Press Release

“I am concerned by the attempted kidnapping and assault of Mozambican journalist Matias Guente.  No citizen should be harmed for being outspoken or having different beliefs. The assault, kidnapping and detainment of critics of the government is becoming increasingly common. 

January 5, 2020 Press Release

"This attack by Al-Shabaab is a reminder that the United States should continue robust engagement throughout Africa, embrace and include international cooperation, and support African countries in the battle against this type of armed threat.

December 29, 2019 Press Release

"Yesterday’s shocking attack inside a rabbi’s home on the seventh night of Hanukkah is heartbreaking and enraging.

"This follows a week of anti-Semitic acts and attacks on the Jewish community in New York, which have included physical intimidation, physical abuse and public harassment.

December 26, 2019 Press Release

“I am saddened by this attack and would like to express my condolences to the people and government of Burkina Faso. The magnitude is particulary troubling. As usual, innocent civilians continue to bear the brunt of the increased insecurity, which has lead to the displacement of hundreds of thousands across the country.


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