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Congresswoman Karen Bass

Representing the 37th District of California

The Week of May 9th in Review

May 13, 2011

Voting Against Republican efforts to rush new offshore oil drilling without proper environmental and safety reviews

Republicans introduced 3 'drill only' energy bills within a week. These bills are a blatant political attempt to use rising gasoline prices as an excuse to grant enormous, multi-national energy companies access to the Gulf with less oversight and without proper environmental review.Dear Friend,

Right now, across the country, families, workers, and small businesses are feeling the pain of the price at the pump. But just last week, Big Oil reported some of the largest oil profits since 2008.

'Drilling only' is not the answer to gas prices. CNN recently reported, “according to a 2009 study from the government's Energy Information Administration, opening up waters that are currently closed to drilling off the East Coast, West Coast and the west coast of Florida would yield an extra 500,000 barrels a day by 2030…. gas prices might drop a whopping 3 cents a gallon,” the study said. [CNN, 4/25/11]  And that is years away.

Chart on handouts to big oil vs Medicare cuts

We must invest in American clean energy like solar and wind, as well as electric vehicles and efficient cars.  But to help Big Oil, Republicans have voted time after time against clean energy investments to power our future, bring about long term energy independence, and create good jobs here at home.

Instead of working to increase drilling and profits for big oil companies as we know it, we should be working to end taxpayer subsidies for oil and investing in jobs that will create clean, renewable energy.

Fighting to Preserve Medicare for our Seniors

Video of Rep. Karen Bass Speaking out

The Republicans are looking to forget the fact that they voted for a harmful budget with irresponsible cuts. We Democrats will not let our colleagues forget that vote.

I voted against the Republican budget, which ends Medicare as we know it and replaces it with a voucher system, increasing seniors’ costs and reducing benefits for all those currently under age 55. The plan ends the guaranteed coverage seniors paid for, and instead puts them at the mercy of private insurance companies, more than doubling a typical senior’s out-of-pocket costs. In addition, the plan ends free preventative care, a smart attempt to proactively avoid complications and costs down the road.

I spoke about these types of cuts proposed in the Republican budget H.R. 1 with my colleagues on the Budget Commiteee shortly after their budget passed the House.

Watch it here.

Republicans Play Political Games with the Debt they Created

Who Increased the Debt?

America is quickly reaching the debt limit determined by Congress that the Treasury Department can borrow from creditors to fund our government. We are facing this issue because of nearly a decade of reckless, irresponsible policies set forth by Republican leaders.

Under President Clinton's leadership, we balanced our books, created a budget surplus, and created more than 20 million jobs. We need to stand up and fight for a balanced approach to tackling our debt and deficit by both cutting spending and increasing revenue. The Republican strategy is like saying you want to lose weight but only decide to diet and refuse to work out. It requires an all hands on deck, combination approach to achieve success.

I will consider any serious proposal to get our fiscal house in order. Democrats will judge every measure by whether they create jobs, responsibly reduce the deficit, strengthen the middle class, and grow our economy.

Congragulations to Producers of Mayor Tom Bradley Documentary

I would like to congratulate filmmakers Lyn Goldfarb and Alison Sotomayor for receiving a $50,000 Research and Development grant from The National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) for their feature-length documentary, Bridging the Divide: Tom Bradley and the Politics of Race

Mayor Tom Bradley made history, rather than simply witness history. For future generations, it is critical to understand this legacy and Bridging the Divide: Tom Bradley and the Politics of Race documents that journey.      

The documentary tells the story of Mayor Bradley’s rise to power and his nationwide impact, the multi-racial coalition he developed, and a track record of inclusivity and minority empowerment he brought to the City of Los Angeles.

This is the only NEH production or development grant given in the state of California. To learn more about the documentary, visit

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Karen Bass